Gigi’s Birthday, The Big 23!



{ The Birthday Girl Gigi & her boyfriend Corey }

Gigi turns 23 !!! Anyone who knows Gina knows she’s always wanted a surprise party, and  it’s almost impossible to surprise her. But her great boyfriend pulled one over on her and planed an intimate dinner of friends and family to celebrate. Gina, Kaitlyn & I all work together, so it was extremely hard not to slip and tell her. If anyone deserves to have this party it’s Gina, she is an amazing friend who would drop anything to be by your side, and always is there when you need to vent. I feel so honored to have such a great person in my life.  Love you G!

{ Kaitlyn & Gigi}

{ Rick, Gigi, Nicole & Kaitlyn @ the surprise birthday dinner}

{ famous homemade pickles on the table}