Lawrence Farms Orchards, Newburgh NY

If you live in New York you are lucky enough to get all four seasons. Fall happens to be my favorite, the crisp air, the fall foliage and the smell of hot apple cider. When October comes around you know it’s time to go apple & pumpkin picking. We recently visited Lawrence Farm Orchards in Newburgh, NY.  As soon as you pull in you can smell the hot apple cider and warm apple cider donuts. Since it was an early spring, the apple trees bloomed early which caused and early crop so we could not pick the apples off the trees this year. Over all we all had a great time.


Lake George, NY

After weeks of thinking about a small mini vacation to go on on without using all of my vacation time at work, my fiancé and I decided on Lake George, NY. I remember growing up, my grandparents would take me every summer, and at that age the 3 hour drive seemed like 6. I loved being in such a small town, staying in a hotel with an indoor pool, and morning visits to the pancake house for the best breakfast.  When you think Lake George you think the Minne Ha Ha. Lake George Steamboat Company has been a staple there for as long as I can remember, you cannot visit and not take a ride on one of the 3 famous steamboats. One of my best breakfast places ever is The Silo Restaurant and Country Store. Anything you can think of they have, I chose the Belgium waffles with maple syrup. We had the most amazing waitress that made us feel like family. She asked us if we knew where we were eating dinner tonight, being that she was a local we asked for her recommendation, she said Georges the best steak house in the area.  We took her up on her offer and went to the early bird special of prime rib and it was out of this world, it is a must visit. After dinner we wanted ice cream and I remember seeing a neon sign for ice cream with a rooster on top, you really could not miss it. Martha’s Dandee Creme, had an amazing list of flavors, it has also been a Lake George landmark for more then 5o years! It was an amazing trip that I can not wait to do again!

{Minne Ha Ha}

{The Silo Restaurant & Country Store}

{ Yummy breakfast @ The Silo}

{ Martha’s Dandee Creme- the best ice cream}

Cheers & love

Gigi’s Birthday, The Big 23!



{ The Birthday Girl Gigi & her boyfriend Corey }

Gigi turns 23 !!! Anyone who knows Gina knows she’s always wanted a surprise party, and  it’s almost impossible to surprise her. But her great boyfriend pulled one over on her and planed an intimate dinner of friends and family to celebrate. Gina, Kaitlyn & I all work together, so it was extremely hard not to slip and tell her. If anyone deserves to have this party it’s Gina, she is an amazing friend who would drop anything to be by your side, and always is there when you need to vent. I feel so honored to have such a great person in my life.  Love you G!

{ Kaitlyn & Gigi}

{ Rick, Gigi, Nicole & Kaitlyn @ the surprise birthday dinner}

{ famous homemade pickles on the table}

Dutchess County Fair


Every year I look forward to going to the Dutchess County Fair. Where I grew up they always had a big fair but it was a cheap version of a fair. When I was in college in Poughkeepsie, my fiancé ( boyfriend at the time lol) took me to their fair. I was blown away. It was super clean, a ton of rides, and amazing food. The main attraction was the 4H milkshakes, you could wait up to 25 min for a milkshake and trust me they are so worth it. I happened to forget my camera the day we went so I just have a few shots to share from my phone. If you are ever in the hudson valley at the end of the summer do not miss this great fair.

Homemade ice cream sandwich

On a hot summer day, there is nothing more perfect then an ice cream sandwich. Even in the early fall I crave one last summer treat before it gets too cold. Normally, you would drive to the nearest gas station, or if you are lucky your neighborhood still gets an ice cream truck to get your ice cream sandwich fix. I personally like to make mine home made. I tend to cheat by buying tollhouse cookie dough already made, and pop them in the oven. After, they are baked let them cool on a wire rack. After they are slightly cooled off, grab your favorite ice cream flavor and take a great big scoop  and plop it right on one of the cookies. Place another cookie right on top and there you have it!  Your own homemade ice cream sandwich.

Cheers & Love

Jason Wu

I LOVE JASON WU! His styles are to die for, only if I had an increased credit limit lol. I love all the colors he chose for his line. I am kind of obsessed with black clothing, there is just something so chic about it and his designs for this spring13 RTW are amazing in my opinion.He has such clean lines and such detail. Below are our top pics.

{photo credit:}

Lisa Perry

Nothing like time travel, and that exactly what Lisa Perry’s Spring 13 ready-to -wear accomplishes for me. I feel like I have been thrown back to the day’s of twiggy, with her mod dresses. I wouldn’t say they scream the 60’s, but they have that same idea with a modern twist. Staying on trend with the color blocking. 

{photo credits:}

Fashion Night Out 2012

Tomorrow is Fashion Night Out, events are being held in New York City, across the country and world. This event brings out bloggers, fashionistas, editors, star’s, designers, and models to shop for a good cause. These events are amazing from discounts, to the celebs that show up to do meet and greets. Each place has their own unique set up for the night. Below are some events that are going on that you will be able to attend.  Thanks to , they put together this amazing list, if you click the invites below you will be able to go right to their site for all of your FNO needs. Have a great FNO everyone!

{ One of my favorite designers, Kate Spade’s FNO invite }

(image credit: Refinery29)

IFB Conference 2012

Its that time of year again! New York Fashion week begins this Thursday September 6th. But before the clatter of heals head to Bryant Park for the the shows, it all starts with IFBCON. Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference is one of the most amazing things a blogger can attend during fashion week. The information that you gain from this conference is priceless. Jennie Jacob is the founder of Independent Fashion Bloggers, and she is amazing. She created this amazing community where fashion bloggers all over the world can come and talk about their tips, experiences, and the business of blogging. I am in total awe of her talent and ability to create something so amazing and now a staple in the fashion world. I am so disappointed I could not make it to this conference but they have an amazing lineup.

{all photos from IFB }

Kaitlyn’s Bridal Shower

This past weekend I was blown away with an “over the top” wedding shower! My amazing mother, Carole and matron-of-honor, Kelly Lee threw me the most stunning Bridal Shower ever. It was out of this world & nothing I had ever expected. Coming from a small town girl I consider myself to be, this was something way beyond my expectations of a bridal shower. The simplicity, yet detailed room at Bottoms Up in Slate Hill, NY was stunning. The two of them decided to go with the theme “Perfect Pair”, which I know is a common theme but if anyone knows anything about my fiance and I, its were “perfect” for each other. There is no doubt about it, him and I were meant to be! That afternoon called for nothing more then sangria, great food, two wonderful families and incredible friends who were beyond generous. Michael and I are truly blessed to have you all in our life! The “Big Day” 9/28/12.

Cheers & Love